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Our Canine Boarding Facility

We take pride in our clean, modern boarding facility where your pet can safely and comfortably
reside while you’re away. We are highly experienced in caring for your pet with tender
loving attention every day.

All pets must be clean, and free from fleas upon their arrival, if you would don't have the time to bathe your pet, we will provide this service. We use the best quality bathing & cleaning products. 

At MONTANA LODGE we offer separate boarding facilities for all small , medium and large dogs.

MONTANA LODGE guests are let outside for supervised playtimes and daily walks in one of our large outside exercise runs. Additional playtime, pool time, and nature walks on leash around the grounds are also available. 

We feed our guests twice daily with high quality Pedigree dry kibble, fresh meat or home cooked meals. Your pet will receive treats while staying at the lodge. Please feel free to provide your pets own special treats. If your pet requires a special diet, we will feed as per your instructions.

We will monitor your pet closely during feeding times to ensure problems do not occur. 

All breeds welcome!

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